•  Fully Balanced 2 Tube Triode Push Pull Design.

•  Massive headroom of greater than +27 dBu output before clipping.

•  Custom-Designed Audio Transformers. 

•  Clean/Glow switch which mimics a pentode tube in "Glow" setting.

•  Motorized Gain Potentiometer and relay control of functions allows full remote operation.

•  Remote Operation lets you to place the VTX Tube Mic Preamp near the mic and return to the control room at line level for a shorter mic cable,  better signal integrity and less noise.

•  All control changes are always written to memory so the unit always powers back up just as you left it. 

•  Full WiFi Connectivity for remote smartphone operation and DAW control directly or via optional Gateway/Router.

• Two output levels: normal +4 dBu, and a -10 dB output attenuator for flexibility and ability to overdrive the input, if desired. 

•  +15 dB FET Gain Stage for ribbon mics and other low level sources.

•  1/4" Direct Instrument Hi-Z Input.

•  -15 dB Mic Input Pad. 

•  40Hz Low Cut Filter

•  Signal Polarity Reverse.

• + 48 Volt Phantom Power with muting function on output during switching.

•  External Low Voltage 12 VAC power source for safety and hum reduction.

•  Bright, crisp OLED display with both bar graph and classic analog meter simulation.

•  Optional Multi-Preamp Gateway/Router allows up to 8 VTX preamps to be operated from a single phone screen.

•  Full storage and recall of your favorite session settings by name with optional Gateway.

•  One Year Full Warranty, Materials and Labor.

•  Made right here in the United States using Real Old World Craftsmanship. 



Dimensions: 9"x 5"x 2"

Max Gain: 57 dB

Tubes: (2) 12AX7 / ECC83

Max output at 1% THD: +27.5 dBu

Signal to Noise: 81 db Unweighted.

Maximum Input Level: +12 dBu Padless.

Total Harmonic Distortion + N: .021% @ +4 dBu

SMPTE Intermodulation Distortion (IMD): .02% @ +4 dBu

Frequency Response: 20HZ -.5 dBr, 40 kHz -.1 dBr Referenced to 1 kHz.

Microphone Input Impedance: 1200 Ohms

Instrument Input Impedance: 50k Ohms

Output Impedance: 600 Ohms

Low-Cut Frequency: 40 Hz.


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